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WordPress titled this blog for me.  I think it’s a good one since despite my long absences, I still check in with very unexciting things.  Let us take the lazy man’s route: bullets!

  • Our cruise was so much fun.  I have officially-OFFICIALLY crossed the threshold into old-agedom.  I stayed in bed until 2pm on two occasions, ordered room service, swam at midnight, drank like a fish and pumped my face full of Botox.  It was good times.  Now I am well rested and wrinkle-free.
  • New Orleans was the greatest bonus to this trip.  We had a full day going and another coming back to spend there.  All of the things I have heard are true.  I didn’t expect that I would love it as much as I did.  It is definately on the list of cities I will own a home in after I win a 200 mil powerball.  I wonder where Brangelina’s house is.  I will move in next door and have John come with me and do his best to irritate them.  His vision of truly irritating his neighbors is to wear only a diaper,  sharpen his teeth to points and make large boulders out of jello which he will move randomly around his yard in some important pattern known only to him.  Did I make that up?  No!  I have actually heard these musings out of John’s mouth, though he was not designing this specifically for Brangelina.
  • Since we are on the subject of John, I would like to share JOHN’S CLASS MOVE OF THE WEEK.  He approaches 82nd and Stark in the dog car.  The world’s most annoying homeless man taps on his window and asks him for money.  John says “No… but give me one of your apples.”  John told me this when he returned to the house, through a mouthful of apple.
  • Diego is up from his nap.  I have asked Sheena to hold him while I wrap this up.  She will get testy soon.  The wee one and I are off to Lloyd for a couple of things.  Cooooooon Believe It!

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The family

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